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Fostering a more inclusive and respectful workplace.
Fostering a more inclusive and respectful workplace.

Workplace Training

In-person, virtual, and hybrid service delivery available.
Stop disputes before they happen.

Avoid workplace conflict and foster a culture of respect, tolerance, and inclusivity. Med-ArbSolutions Ltd. can provide workplace training and specialized workshops for HR professionals, managers, and employees.

Available training workshops

Training Workshops

Our trauma-informed training workshops are experiential with storytelling and audience participation. Our team of experienced trainers will not only share information and resources, but will also invite participants to share their thoughts or experiences.

Available Training Workshops

Human rights

The meaning of words, interactions, harm caused, trauma, and more. How to be accepting, diverse, inclusive, and equitable. 2SLGBTQ+


Trauma-informed training covering statistics, generational trauma, words, meaning, and impact.

Unconscious bias

Everyone has biases; what are yours? Explore and recognize self-unconscious bias, and learn how to adjust behaviour.

Sexual harassment awareness

Conscious of triggering PTS or disclosure of trauma. Covers harm caused, statistics, applying respectful workplace policy.

Disability and accommodation

Reviewing AODA, visible and invisible disability and accommodation requirements, and other workplace regulations.

Civility in workplace

Apply strategies and best practices for achieving, maintaining, and promoting a respectful workplace.


Other topics include mental health, crisis intervention, and more.

    Why hire a workplace trainer?

    Happier workplace

    Coming into work shouldn’t be dreadful. Level-up your workplace culture.

    Workplace safety

    Foster a culture that supports mental health and workplace safety with human rights, harassment, and sensitivity training.

    Equity and inclusion

    Experiential and trauma-informed diversity, equity, and inclusion training to encourage more inclusive behaviour.

    Less conflict

    Educate your team to identify bad behaviour and encourage good behaviour.

    Empower your workforce

    Give your team the information and tools they need to navigate difficult situations.

    Avoid legal disputes

    Inform staff about rules & regulations, occupational health and safety, workplace policies, etc.
    Want to book a workplace training session?
    Empower your staff with the right mindset and tools for a cohesive and productive work environment. Med-ArbSolutions Ltd. can also provide important diversity, equity, and inclusivity training to staff at all levels.