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Workplace Investigations • Assessments • Restorations • ADR Services
Make objective and evidence-based decisions.
Make objective and evidence-based decisions.

Workplace Investigations

In-person, virtual, and hybrid service delivery available.
Get an independent investigation report.
Initiate a workplace investigation using a neutral 3rd party workplace investigator. Receive neutral and evidence-based reports to make informed decisions that withstand legal scrutiny based on a balance of probabilities.

Types of Cases

Types of cases

Med-ArbSolutions is frequently retained to conduct workplace investigations across various sectors for a wide range of case types.

Examples of past investigation types
  • Violence and bullying
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Policy breaches
  • Code of conduct violations
  • Abuse of authority
  • Conflict of interest
  • Whistleblower reports
  • Canada Labour Code violations
  • Respectful workplace policy breaches
  • Human rights complaints
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) violations
  • Legally-defensible
    Evidence-based results that can withstand legal scrutiny on a balance of probabilities
  • Neutral and fair
    Neutral and fair
    Remove biases and conflicts of interest using an impartial 3rd party investigator
  • Private and confidential
    Private and confidential
    Ensure privacy and confidentiality for all parties to help resolve privately.
  • Respectful and inclusive
    Respectful and inclusive
    Foster a safe, respectful, and inclusive workplace environment for everyone.

    Why use an independent external investigator?

    After an incident or allegation has been reported in the workplace, it’s critical to perform a neutral and timely investigation to ensure staff safety, and to determine the best path forward. Employers often have a legal obligation to take appropriate action in cases involving human rights, harassment, or discrimination. Med-ArbSolutions can assign an independent investigator within 48 hours of receiving a request to perform an impartial and thorough investigation. After an investigation is concluded, the evidence-based results are compiled into a report, which can then be used to make informed decisions based on a balance of probabilities.
    Need a workplace incident investigated?
    We can assign an investigator within 48 hours.
    Typically, workplace investigations are based on a statement of allegations that are made by a complainant or witness to an incident, then screened in for an investigation or potentially informal resolution through mediation. For neutral, fair, independent, and evidence-based results, request a Med-ArbSolutions workplace investigator today.
    All submitted investigators are members in good standing with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (ADRIO), the HRPA, Association of Workplace Investigators and/or Law Society of Ontario. Additionally, all have security clearances through the Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario), and Private Investigators licenses through the Ministry of the Solicitor General. Med-ArbSolutions is a trauma-informed practice requiring members to be trained in FIPPA, PIPEDA, AODA, FOIP, Privacy Act of Canada, document and evidence security, human rights, diversity, equity, and inclusion.