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Finding common ground, forging lasting resolutions.
Finding common ground, forging lasting resolutions.


In-person, virtual, and hybrid service delivery available.
Facilitating from conflict to resolution.
Med-ArbSolutions mediators provide parties with a framework to help resolve disputes, improve communication, and reduce future conflict. Mediation can provide an alternative to lengthy disputes and litigation. Using in-person, virtual, or hybrid mediation with a Med-ArbSolutions mediator can encourage discourse, reduce toxicity, and facilitate lasting resolution.

How it works


Most mediations involve an intake of all participants to understand what their positions are and what they are hoping to get out of the mediation. During intake, process and procedure are explained to encourage trust and understanding. This also greatly encourages communication between mediator and the participants.


Mediation sessions are usually broken up into two 3-hour blocks. The first block is reviewing process and procedure, respect and dignity principles, participating and hearing, describing issues and individual positions, exploring actions/reactions, and dealing with the past.

The second session is about the present and future, acknowledging the past, and moving forward. If a resolution can be achieved, a memorandum of understanding is drafted by the mediator, then reviewed and signed-off by all parties.


Most mediations are conducted in person with all parties at the table. Occasionally, shuttle (or caucus) mediation techniques are employed, where parties to the dispute are located in separate rooms and the mediator will “shuttle” back and forth proposing ideas for settlement or relaying offers of settlement between parties. However, virtual mediations have become more common in recent years and provide a convenient way to resolve workplace conflicts. Either virtual or in person mediations can be accommodated based on client needs.


Med-ArbSolutions’ current mandate is to provide mediation services from assignment of file to completion of mediation within 30 days. However, actual timeframes may differ depending on complexity and scope of mediation.


All Med-ArbSolutions mediations provide a safe place where everyone can be heard and where all options for resolution can be proposed. Parties are allowed the opportunity to have support people present, although these support people are not allowed a voice at the table. Respectful discourse and sharing of ideas towards resolution are continuously encouraged. All parties are reminded that mediation is a voluntary process and may be terminated at any time, with the understanding that a failed mediation may result in an imposed resolution at a later time by management or other governing body.

Need a mediator to resolve workplace conflict?

All Med-ArbSolutions ADR practitioners have a minimum of 10 years experience in ADR disciplines including mediation. Med-ArbSolutions mediators can facilitate conversations to assist parties in reaching a lasting resolution. Mediation is often faster, less costly, and less stressful for all parties involved.


In-person, virtual, and hybrid service delivery available.
Resolve disputes quickly and confidentially.
It can take years to get a court decision after the initial filing. Litigation is often time-consuming and expensive for all parties. Med-ArbSolutions Ltd.’s neutral arbitrators can provide legally-binding arbitration that is objective and procedurally fair for all parties.

Why use an Arbitrator?

Settle disputes outside of the courtroom with our private and confidential arbitration services. Arbitration is a common alternative to traditional litigation, which often leads to faster resolution and lower costs. Using a neutral Med-ArbSolutions arbitrator ensures fairness and neutrality by removing biases and conflicts of interest. Arbitration can also provide legally-binding decisions for lasting resolutions.


Arbitration results can be legally-binding, final, and can avoid costly litigation.

Neutral and fair

Remove biases and conflicts of interest using an independent 3rd party arbitrator.

Private and confidential

Provide privacy and confidentiality for all parties. Settle outside of public courtrooms.

Respectful and inclusive

Offer a respectful and inclusive environment for all parties.

Faster resolution

Settle more quickly and with less stress by avoiding protracted litigation.


Arbitration often leads to lower costs to settle disputes for all parties.
    Need a neutral arbitrator to resolve a dispute?
    Our arbitrators each have over 10 years of experience in arbitration and ADR disciplines. Med-ArbSolutions arbitrators can bring fair resolution to disputes using an unbiased, objective, and evidence-based approach for all parties. Arbitration is often faster, less costly, and less stressful than traditional litigation. To learn more about our confidential and neutral arbitration services, submit a request or contact us today.