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Workplace Investigations • Assessments • Restorations • ADR Services
Empowering dialogue, facilitating quick resolutions.
Empowering dialogue, facilitating quick resolutions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In-person, virtual, and hybrid service delivery available.
Cultivate a positive workplace culture.
When workplace issues are left unresolved, they can grow into much larger problems that can negatively impact the organization. Our ADR practitioners provide impartial mediation and arbitration services to assist all parties in resolving workplace conflict quickly.

  • Objective and evidence-based
    Make informed decisions based on a balance of probabilities.
  • Neutral and fair
    Neutral and fair
    Remove biases and conflicts of interest with an independent 3rd party.
  • Private and confidential
    Private and confidential
    Allow staff to speak freely and resolve disputes outside of the courtroom.
  • Respectful and inclusive
    Respectful and inclusive
    Our culturally diverse team of ADR professionals ensure respect and inclusivity for all parties.
  • Proven Methodology
    Proven methodology
    Streamline resolutions with proven conflict resolution methodologies from experienced ADR practitioners.
  • Fast and cost-effective
    Fast and cost-effective
    Avoid costly disputes with our independent workplace investigation, mediation, assessment, and restoration services.

    Why retain a Med-ArbSolutions ADR practitioner?

    Our team of ADR practitioners has collectively facilitated 1000’s of mediations, investigations, assessments, and restorations. Med-ArbSolutions’ associates are all trained and experienced in various ADR disciplines including workplace mediation, investigation, assessment, and restoration.

    Unaddressed conflict and toxicity

    When conflict goes unaddressed, the problem can escalate and put both staff and the organization at risk.
    • Safety incidents
    • Workplace policy breaches
    • Loss of clients or reputation
    • Low morale
    • Litigation
    • Poor team performance
    • High Staff Turnover
    • Harassment, discrimination, and violence allegations
     Unaddressed conflict and toxicity